Michael Jordan Donates US $ 1.1 Million to his Almighty Michael Jordan Donates US $ 1.1 Million to his Almighty. Michael Jordan became a phenomenon himself in the 1990s. Besides his greatness on the field, he is also famous for his success in business. Jordan is one of the rich athletes who made profits from the brands Jordan and Nike.

After retiring, the hard earned money is used for various things. One of them is donation. Because, the former Chicago Bulls player is one of the athletes who cares. He never forgets where he came from.

Jordan later even donated money to his school alma mater in North Carolina. Jackson Fuller, Star News Online, reported that the legendary player donated US $ 1.1 million to Laney High Scool.

Fred Lynch, director of sport at Laney, confirmed that.

“Contrary to popular belief, Michael always thinks of us,” said Lynch, per Star News Online. “People were surprised when things like this happened, but we were not surprised here at Laney. It’s not always published, but it’s always a nice little change for Laney. “

Lynch explained, some of the donations would go to the sports department. Meanwhile, the rest is distributed to various aspects.

Laney was not the first party to receive donations from Jordan. The owner of the Charlotte Hornets club also had donated to other places in the past year.

Jordan donated US $ 2 million to Wilmington after the Hurricane Florence disaster in September 2018. Incidentally Wilmington is his hometown.

Jordan’s concern for his hometown shows his generous personality. Laney and Lynch know that. Jordan has always contributed to the change in North Carolina. He will continue to do so.


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