Shining Bradley Beal, Forgotten Bradley Beal Shining Bradley Beal, Forgotten Bradley Beal. The Washington Wizards seem to have been hit by a series of bad luck in the 2018-2019 season.

A storm of injuries that plagued rows of players such as John Wall and Dwight Howard made the team appear lame throughout the season.

They also closed the season with only 32 wins and swallowing 50 losses. The record made them fail to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in the last three seasons.

However, as always, all disasters always bring blessings. In this series of bad seasons, one name actually “grows and blends.”

He led the team in place of a row of senior players and seemed to continue to guard the hopes of the supporters. This blessing is called Bradley Beal.

Since its inception in the NBA, more precisely after being selected in third place in the 2012 NBA Draft, Bradley has indeed been quite promising.

Aside from being chosen, Bradley’s game as a good sniper has also shown his readiness to compete in the NBA.

In his first season, he also appeared stunning among the other ruki. It was proven even though only playing 56 games, Bradley was still chosen third in the Rookie of the Year election.

The University of Florida alumnus had to miss quite a lot of matches because of an injury to his right leg.

Over time, Bradley increasingly showed himself to be the right companion for John Wall in the field behind the Wizards.

Peak, in the last three seasons, Bradley always posted at least 22 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists in each season. The record also led to his two appearances in the All Star match.

This season, Bradley also re-incised extraordinary records. Scoring a total of 2099 points, 411 rebounds, and 448 assists put him into the fourth player in NBA history to be able to pack at least 2000 points, 400 rebounds and 400 assists in a season.

Yes, only three other players in NBA history were able to do that.

The three players were Alex English (1983-1984), Clyde Drexler (1988-1989), and James Harden (2015-2016). However, there are differences between the three players with Bradley.

Bradley became the only player on this special list that didn’t close the season by being selected as the All-NBA Team.

In the announcement made by the NBA, Friday 24 May 2019. There are 15 names of players who are included in the three All-NBA teams. Bradley himself only totaled 32 votes which were worth 34 points.

From that sound, none of them put Bradley on the First Team and only one voice placed him on the Second Team.

On the other hand, the 25-year-old is also the only player on the special list who failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Maybe, this also affected 100 voice media owners not to put Bradley on the All-NBA Team.

In the whole list, only Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets) and LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) were selected but did not compete in the playoffs.


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