Karl-Anthony Towns Loses US $ 32 Million After Failing to Enter All-NBA Team Karl-Anthony Towns Loses US $ 32 Million After Failing to Enter All-NBA Team. In each season, the NBA will announce 15 players included in the All-NBA Team list.

In the process, the 15 players will be separated into three teams, the All-NBA First Team, Second Team, and Third Team.

In accordance with the order, the five players included in the First Team are arguably the best five players in the league. Second Team is the second best five players in the league, and so is the Third Team.

From the row of names that exist, not seen the star name of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns. The player who is familiarly called KAT is not included in the three All-NBA teams.

Overall, Towns only received 20 votes out of a total of 100 media that could cast their votes. All votes received by KAT placed him on the Third Team.

This failure did not only make KAT lose the “high honor” it could get. KAT must also be willing to lose a total of US $ 32 million. This is because in the latest contract he signed last summer, there was a special clause.

Yes, the five-year contract was originally worth US $ 158 million. However, if the KAT successfully penetrates the All-NBA Team, there will be a bonus of US $ 32 million that he will receive.

Overall, the contract will get him US $ 190 million. Unfortunately, the KAT had to accept the fact that large amounts of money were being paid off.

This season, the 23-year-old played in 77 games and packed an average of 24.4 points, 12.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game.

The player who was twice elected to the NBA All Star included 51.8 percent of the total shots, 40 percent from tripoin, and 83.6 percent from free shots. KAT also packs 54 double of the number of the game.

Unfortunately, on a team basis, KAT’s achievements were not good enough. The Timberwolves were only able to pack 36 wins throughout the season and suffered 46 losses.

These results put them ranked 11th in the Western Conference and failed to qualify for the playoffs. This failure made the Timberwolves fail to continue the positive trend after qualifying for the playoffs in the previous season


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