Rudy Gobert Enters the Three-Season All-NBA Defensive Team Rudy Gobert Enters the Three-Season All-NBA Defensive Team. Rudy Gobert is best known as the best defender in the NBA. He has always been in the All-Defensive First Team for the past three seasons. The Utah Jazz flashlight even earned the most points in the All-Defensive First Team election in 2018-2019.

Gobert got 196 points this season. There were 97 voters including him in the All-Defensive First Team. While the two voters put him in the ranks of the All-Defensive Second Team. With that acquisition, Gobert equaled the record of Karl Malone and Mark Eaton as Jazz players holding the All-Defensive First Team three times.

Gobert did look brilliant when he survived this season. He has the best plus-minus (5.0) defensive box in the NBA. He is ranked second in defensive win shares (5.7) and ranked fourth in the defensive rating (100.4). He is capable of blocking 16.0 shots per match with a number of blocks reaching 187. In the last three seasons, there has been no player as productive as Gobert in blocking the ball (530).

In addition to Gobert, Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) entered the same ranks. George got 195 points, while Antetokounmpo 193 points. Marcus Smart (Boston Celtics) and Eric Bledsoe then followed behind with 145 and 100 points respectively.

Gobert, George, and Anteokounmpo didn’t even just enter the All-Defensive First Team. All three have the potential to become the NBA’s best 20181919 defenders. Gobert had won the title the previous season. If you get it again, he will be the best NBA defender twice in a row.

Meanwhile, in the ranks of the All-Defensive Second Team, familiar names appeared. Kawhi Leonard (, Joel Embiid, Draymond Green, and Jrue Holiday were in the ranks. Klays Thompson (Golden State Warriors) first appeared in the ranks of the best NBA defenders. He entered the All-Defensive Second Team.


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