Stephen Curry Chases Kobe Bryant’s Record Stephen Curry Chases Kobe Bryant’s Record. Stephen Curry performed brilliantly when the Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers.

He scored 36 points so the Warriors won 110-99 in the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, Portland, Oregon, United States, Saturday 18 May 2019 local time.

With those points earned, Curry has scored 35+ points eight times in the Western Conference Finals during his career.

According to StatMuse records, Curry is only twice 35+ points from Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers legend holds the record 35+ most points in the Western Conference Finals. He collected that record 10 times during his career in the NBA.

Curry scored 3 of the 8 35+ points this season. He can add to that record at least once more. If the Blazers were able to extend the series, Curry had even more opportunities.

Curry’s appearance in the final of the region while answering the doubts of his fans. Because, before this, the Guard had appeared under performance. He received criticism from various parties.

However, since the sixth match against the Houston Rockets in the semi-finals of the region, he heated up. Moreover, the Warriors also have to appear without point machines as classmates as Kevin Durant. Curry transformed himself into a thirsty point again.

Curry even scored more than 30 points in the regional finals this season. He scored 36 points in the first game, 37 points in the second match, and 36 points in the third match.

Chief Coach Steve Kerr expects it to continue like that. Because, they need one more victory to qualify for the NBA Finals. The Warriors were about to win three consecutive titles.

The Warriors will play the fourth match the day after tomorrow. They will still play in Portland. The Blazers are not seeded, but anything can happen in the playoffs. The Warriors will be careful.


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