Kevin Durant Becomes a Prison Movie Basketball Producer Kevin Durant Becomes a Prison Movie Basketball Producer .  Kevin Durant is not only struggling in the world of basketball. He later had an interest in films too. Durant even produced a documentary “Q Ball”.

Durant and Director Michael Tolajian jumped into The Q, called San Quentin Prison in California, United States, to record their film. Because, the prisoners there have a uniqueness. They play basketball as an escape.

Some Golden State Warriors, including Durant, did visit the prison. They saw prisoners have a glimpse of life hopes through basketball. Durant wanted to show that.

Durant’s film gave an overview of the San Quentin Prison basketball team closer. Durant et al. trying to show the struggle of each character. Some of them tried to atone for their sins in prison.

“Basketball is everything to me. I am not locked, I am not locked up, I am not in prison. This is where I am free, “said a prisoner in the film trailer as quoted by

Meanwhile, other prisoners felt they had a purpose and common sense after joining the prison basketball team.

The film “Q Ball” will premiere on May 28, 2019 at FSI. Durant et al. It will also be aired on May 17-23 in Los Angeles. So even on May 24-30 in New York.


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